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Friday, January 27, 2012

IHE IT Infrastructure White Paper on HIE Published

This white paper shows you how the IHE profiles work together to provide a standards-based, interoperable approach to health information exchange.   If you are involved in an HIE, and want to understand the standards and technology that can be used to support information exchange, this is a good document to read.  At 35 pages, it is a short document, but it packs a great deal of information that HIE CTO's and architects should know.

The white paper addresses four key technical challenges:

  • Sharing models, including push, pull (Query/Retrieve), and Federation
  • Patient Identity Management
  • Patient and Sharing Partner Discovery
  • Security and Privacy
Because it is focused on the technical infrastructure, the white paper does not address the content profiles that have been developed by a number of IHE domains which can be used with the technical infrastructure. That will likely be the topic of a future white paper from Patient Care Coordination.

  -- Keith


IHE Community,

IHE IT Infrastructure White Paper Published

The IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Committee published the following white paper on January 24, 2012:

·         Health Information Exchange: Enabling Document Sharing Using IHE Profiles
The document is available for download at Comments can be submitted at

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