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Thursday, February 23, 2012

HITsm Meetup at HIMSS12 at 4:15 today

Last year IHE hosted a meetup for HITsm in the Interoperability Showcase, and we are doing it again this year.  The meetup is at 4:15 in the Interoperability Showcase, at the rightmost Information desk.  To find it, head to Hall G and follow the signs on the floor to the showcase.  We're in the very back.  Once you get there, you'll likely be near one of two theaters.  If you find yourself near the welcome theater, head towards the theater at the other end, and keep going until you see the Information desk on the other side.  If you wind up at the Education theater, head towards the closest corner until you get to the Information desk on that side.  If it looks like the picture to the right, you are in the right place.

After we all gather, we'll head over the the "Interop Cafe", which is simply a collection of tables where we can sit and chat for a while, take a few pictures, et cetera.  I've arranged a tour for us as well, so we can all see what is happening in the Interop Showcase.  I hope to see you there today.


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