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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Make those boxes disappear

There are two ways to look at the meaningful use requirements. The first is as a set of features to check off  in order to attain certification.  The second is as a set of features that, thoughtfully designed and developed, support greater access to information, better care, and lower costs.

The model you use can be detected by the kinds of questions you ask.  If you focus on the requirements of meaningful use, and what it takes to pass the test, you aren't looking at it right.  Don't ask what you need to do to pass the test, but rather, how the feature needs to be implemented to make your customers happier.  Once you have that answer, THEN you can ask what needs to be done to ensure that it meets the certification requirements.

Your customers aren't going to be happy with products that use the certification criteria as a checklist.  They are going to be happy with products that have carefully considered how those features fit into their workflow.

Anyone can check the box, what you need to figure out is how to neatly fit that box into your product along with all the other boxes, and do it in such a way that the boxes disappear from view.