Friday, August 31, 2012

Next-generation Interoperability Challenges: Engaging with the IHE Profile Process

I'm giving a presentation this afternoon starting at 2:00 Eastern with that title.  The idea of this presentation is to explain what it takes to engage with IHE to develop a profile.

It's pretty simple actually, and in this 90-minute presentation, we'll actually build a proposal to show you how easy it is. I don't have anything canned for that excercise.  I've done this sort of thing a number of times, and the audience always does a pretty decent job coming up with a proposal.  What is even more fun, is that these proposals often get accepted (often with modifications, but I'll talk about that) in IHE committees.  One time I did this in workshop format, and we wound up getting four submissions.

I'll post the slides and outcomes when after session today.  If you want to sign up, I believe there's still space.

-- Keith


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