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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Your Mileage may Vary

If everyone purchased cars like we purchased healthcare, we'd have:
  1. An Engine by Audi
  2. A Transmission by Chevy
  3. The Design by Detroit (really?)
  4. and Fuel Economy by Toyota
And if we paid for it the same way:
  1. Your employer would indicate up to three bankers you could use for your car loan.
  2. Your bankers would tell you which models of car you are allowed to purchase.
  3. You could still buy any car you wanted, but would have no clue what it would cost you, and how much your bankers would pay.
  4. And you'd have no clue if you were getting the best car for your money, or if it even worked before you paid for it.
And once you reached retirement age, your choices would change all over again.  And so on.  Of course, your choices (and mileage) may vary.

1 comment:

  1. I'm from Detroit!! But this is really a cute post! I really like the paid for it part and then retire part. Very very cute.