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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

IHE and CCDA Entry Comparison

I just finished my first pass review of the comparison between IHE and Consolidated CDA Entries.  Here are my findings (and recommendations):

  • ACT/text is required by IHE to contain a reference to the narrative which is being described by the entry.  HL7 Consolidated CDA recommends but does not require this (Keep the IHE requirement).
  • The CCD Episode Observation Template is optional in various places in CCD 1.0, and so included (but not referenced) in IHE, but is not mentioned at all in Consolidated CDA (Leave it unreferenced).
  • The severity template is not explicitly referenced in various places where it could be used in IHE (reference it as optional).
  • Medications, Immunizations and Supply need detailed review, do medications first.
  • There are several places where classCode, moodCode or other structural attributes already fixed by CDA are referenced by the templates in Consolidated.  This is not done in IHE.  (Fix the values because IHE ALSO uses these templates in messages).
  • HealthStatusObservation is referenced by CCD 1.0 (and thus by IHE indirectly), but not mentioned in Consolidated in the same places (It was garbage, kill it).
  • ValueSet and CodeSystem constraints are strangely missing from my output.  I must have a bug somewhere. I'll need to reprocess the data to address those issues.  Code constraints are present though, so it shouldn't be too challenging to figure out.
  • Procedure is also going to need detailed review.

It appears that 4 out of 20 templates are going to need a pretty detailed review, and that 12 of them should be pretty easy, and 4 might need more investigation, but should also be fairly easy.

So, another chunk ready for review.


P.S. And today, I applied for admission to the Clinical Informatics Master's program at OHSU.


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