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Friday, June 21, 2013

News from IHE USA

This just crossed my desk. The most important part of this announcement is in the first paragraph. When IHE USA had negotiated the dates for last year's connectathon, they also scheduled a year ahead. Unfortunately, that wound up being right on top of the HL7 Working Group Meeting. Enough members complained that it was changed. Thanks IHE USA for listening!

The next most important part is about the "Interoperability for Dummies" book.  No, they aren't kidding.  A free e-book on Interoperability, written for your boss (or his or hers).  I can't wait for my download.



 New Dates for IHE NA Connectathon 2013 Announced!

IHE USA has announced new dates for the IHE NA Connectathon 2014- January 27-31, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Chicago. For more information visit IHE USA’s website, or download our new CAT flyer. Registration opens on September 23, 2014. Mark your calendars now.

NA Connectathon 2014 & HIMSS14 Interoperability Showcase: An Introductory Webinar

June 27, 2013 11AM – 12:30PM CT| REGISTER NOW!

First time participant? Learn how your organization can participate in the IHE NA Connectathon. Prepare for successful testing by joining us for a two-part webinar on the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase and IHE NA Connectathon. Review the full educational session online. Registration is free for attendees.

Digital Dentistry testing at NA Connectathon 2014- Vendors of dental systems are invited to participate in testing their systems for conformance to the new interoperability standards at the IHE NA Connectathon 2014 in Chicago. Annually thereafter, the American Dental Association (ADA) and IHE will hold the Connectathon for vendors of digital dental health care information and imaging systems to test the implementation of interoperability standards. Read the full article.

Educational Opportunities to Learn More about IHE:

Uncover the Power of IHE! Download your copy June 26th
IHE USA is proud to announce the upcoming release of our exiting eBook, Interoperability for Dummies, IHE Edition. Learn how you can leverage IHE profiles to achieve health information exchange, enhance your business, and improve quality care for patients. The complimentary eBook will be available for download this June 26th! Read our press release.

Interoperability in Action, IHE Virtual Event- June 26, 2013 11AM – 2:30PM CT| REGISTER NOW!

IHE Profiles are the foundation for interoperability and integrated care. Experience the promise of interoperable healthcare in across multiple diagnostic specialties, providers and workflows that positively affect patient care. Vendors in healthcare IT are advancing interoperability by implementing IHE Profiles and leveraging IHE’s global testing grounds, IHE Connectathons. Learn how your organization can utilize IHE’s free profiles and testing methods to develop new integration products. Attendees of the IHE International Academy for Interoperability will receive a complimentary copy of IHE USA’s new eBook: Interoperability for Dummies, IHE Edition.

IHE International Educational Webinar Series- Discover the latest IHE profiles!

Join us for the annual IHE Educational Webinar Series. This series will provide you and your organization an update on IHE Domain's latest profile development. Learn about IHE, become engaged in IHE development and testing activities, and leverage IHE solutions to develop and implement interoperable health information technology. These educational events are available to you FREE. Visit the IHE USA website for the complete listing. Register Today!


Contact IHE USA at or IHE International at


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