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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Calm Before...

I have no great wit to share today, just quiet.  I'm looking forward to my vacation this summer.  At the same time, it leaves me with precious little time to finish up several projects that need to be ready before I go.  Even so, at this stage, the only projects that I'm working on are ones of my own choosing, not those that others have subjected me to (or at least at this stage, my subjugation to those projects is now complete).

We'll be spending a week+ in England this summer.  I'll be meeting my family there on the way back from another international trek.  I'm looking forward to spending a week and more in the home of Shakespeare and Doctor Who.

And when I return, I'll have barely enough time to head to Chicago and Montreal in the same week for IHE and HL7 meetings. Somewhere in the coming weeks I need to find time to update a book chapter, and if all goes well, start a grant project in my hometown at the start of the next month.  And in a few more days, the very last piece of paper is expected to arrive at admissions to move me into yet one more step of my career. But all that turmoil can wait just a little bit longer.

Right now, at this very instant, all is quiet.  I have a moment or two to listen to the thunder and await the rain.  I can hear the frogs.  I try to close my eyes and focus so that I can see the future, so that when I have the time, I can make it happen.  But nothing comes.  So, I'll enjoy the quiet, and not confuse it with peace...


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