Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chaos vs. Order

I had a couple of interesting (in the not-so fun sense) experiences with various airline challenges.  In one location, where I expected chaos because chaos was part of the routine, what I found was that even though chaos "ruled", they still manage to get everyone on the plane.  Yet, in another place, where order was the rule of the day with one irregularity, a passenger wound up missing her flight.  How is it that in changing gates twice for one plane, and at least once for two others, one airport still manages to get every one off in the middle of a national holiday, another, having to deal with one irregularity still manages to cost a passenger extra trouble.

My wife observes that practice makes perfect, and where chaos reigns, the challenge is not deciding what to do, so much as it is figuring out how to get it done, and they have practice in figuring things out.  Whereas elsewhere, what is practiced is a process, which may be completely unflawed, but as soon as you step outside the process, utter chaos rules, because those that are bound completely to process haven't the experience in "figuring it out".

Somewhere there is a middle road, but I've never seen anyone make a big deal about it.  It is perhaps, uninteresting, because on that road, neither chaos nor order reigns (or rains).


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