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Friday, July 26, 2013

When the stars align

I don't know what to say.  I've just been one a whirlwind tour of the globe, and not quite back again.  All the stars seem to be aligned, and everything is going my way.

My IHE profile work on CDA Harmonization is getting closer to being done, and will go out for a second round of public comment.  The data driven content was generated just in time for the IHE meetings in Oak Brook, and I'm quite happy with where it is at.  I've got a ton of editing to do, but it's mostly just that, editing. All of my outstanding questions have been addressed, and I'm no longer struggling with how I'm going to do it, now I just have to finish it.

I just had an outstanding HL7 board meeting.

I was invited to join the NwHIN Power Team today.

I just heard back on a book chapter, and it looks like I'll be given the time I need to finish that.

I've got an opportunity to reuse CDA Book and blog content that may work to my advantage.

I heard from my new advisor that my admission was approved to enter a master's program in Medical Informatics.  It's a part time, remote program that I can do while I remain employed doing what I love.  That ends a three-year search and I look forward to starting that in the fall.

The ABBI work I've been doing is getting the attention in the right places.

That's about it.  I need to go find some wood to knock on.


  1. Congrats on your admission to school! Soon you'll have a masters degree in what you have known for years!

  2. And congrats on your placement in the #HIT100 as well!
    Thanks for the work that you do. It really helps.

  3. Keith, congratulations, but imagining you as an Informatics student -- when you literally wrote the textbook on a key informatics topics (i.e. the CDA Book) -- is like picturing how Spielberg went back and picked up his Bachelor's Film degree at CalState.