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Monday, August 5, 2013

Is my next doctor as important as my next Doctor?

In the last nearly fifty years, I've probably had about as many primary care doctors as has BBC has had Doctors.  I've not ever been really fussy about my doctors, and oh so much more fussy about my Doctors.  Given all the fuss about the next Doctor, I thought I'd better rethink that.  After all, you put your life in your hand with your doctor, surely you should have some incentive to be just as concerned:

  1. My next doctor will probably be male.
    I'm a guy, and while the idea of a doctor who is female might be titillating, it would also be very distracting.
  2. My next doctor will probably be tall and handsome.
    I'm going to need to trust this person pretty quickly, and rely on them quite a bit, so they need to appeal to me visually.  What can I say, I'm human.
  3. He'll probably not be ginger.
    Even among the Irish the odds are against that. Just sayin'
  4. More importantly, my next doctor will be there when I need him.
    Life doesn't happen on a schedule.
  5. I'll be able to reach him easily.
    My doctor will certainly be no more than a cell-phone call away, but I also expect his systems will allow me to access him through any communications media. 
  6. He'll have access to a plethora of technology I don't understand.
    Fortunately, he'll be able to explain it simply.
  7. But he'll be able to figure most things out using just one or two simple tools.
  8. He'll be able to adapt technology to his own use.
  9. He'll have had a LOT of experiences.
  10. He'll be brilliant.
  11. He'll be enthusiastic about his work.

As I read back through these, my requirements for my doctor pretty much match my expectations for my next Doctor.  Hmm. I guess he is pretty well-named.

-- Keith


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