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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Patient View Profile

Today in IHE PCC we discussed a proposal to enable a good patient experience when viewing content. One of the unique things about this profile is that while it doesn't specify what a user experience should be, it enables systems to provide for a good user experience.

Here are some of the kinds of features the profile could enable hiding, showing, organizing or highlighting content according to user preferences and/or policies.

  1. Branding content.
  2. Patient demographics
  3. Empty sections
  4. Future appointments.
  5. Content Assessed during this visit.
  6. Modified/updated during this visit.
  7. Patient Contacts
  8. Provider List
The profile would, in volume I describe the user experience capabilities we want to enable, and in volume III, identify the ways we could classify narrative content to enable them.


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