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Thursday, February 27, 2014

MeaningfulUse 2014 - 2015 Crosswalk

In the spirit of industry cooperation which often accompanies new regulation, Hans Buitendijk, a standards colleague in HL7 by day (and my favored candidate for HL7 Chair), and a competitor at Seimens the rest of the time, has shared the following comparison of the 2014 Certification Criteria against the 2015 Criteria.

He notes:
  • It only compares 2014 FR with 2015 proposed amended language for part 170 starting page 205.
    • Various standards are referenced in the pre-amble (e.g., HQMF, UCUM, etc.) that are not in the proposed amended language.I did not attempt to include those as I have not delved into the pre-amble yet.
  • The text in red indicates variances that matter.
    • For example, splitting CPOE into three criteria or combining two ToC criteria into one and adding 4 transmit criteria does not turn everything red as there are chunks that really did not change. I think in the process I caught all, but I may still have missed something.

Please join me in thanking Hans and his employer for sharing this greatly valuable resource!

Updated with the latest version. See the link above to download this file.

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  1. Can you repost the google doc link? It doesn't appear to work.And yes, thanks to Hans, this is a great help!