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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The next Ad Hoc Harley ...

The point of the Ad Hoc Harley awards is to recognize people who have accomplished something significant. In this particular case, I'm recognizing someone who has in a large part taken over one of what I have long considered to be "my job", and done so in a way that is both more complete, and better than the work that I do here on this blog.

Recently I added his work to my auto-tweet list, which is still a pretty short list. Anything he writes winds up getting distributed immediately.  What it takes to get on that list is the production of consistently high quality information that I think will be important and relevant to my followers, mostly people who are interested in what is going on in Health IT, especially HL7 and IHE.

His work is also featured on the HL7 Help Desk for Meaningful Use and has developed much of the content for that in HL7.  He started listening to the Structured Documents list about 21 months ago and his first post to the list was about 18 months old, with a very telling summary of the discussion on open versus closed templates.  This was our first example of his ability to summarize a long and involved discussion and engage with experts to make it easy for implementers to understand what is going on.

Without further ado, let me award ...

This certifies that 
Brian Zvi Weiss of CDAPRO 

For outstanding explanations of CDA and contributions to development of the HL7 Help Desk