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Thursday, April 17, 2014

HL7 CDA Stylesheet Patches

A few weeks ago, Josh Mandel identified problems with the sample CDA Stylesheet that is released with C-CDA Release 1.1 and several other editions of the CDA Standard and various implementation guides. There are some 30 variants of the stylesheet in various HL7 standards and guides.  A patched version of the file has been created and is now available from HL7's GForge site here.

Both the TSC and the HL7 Board are still discussing how to address this from an organizational perspective, and the Structured Documents Workgroup is currently considering how to address these sorts of tools that are released in the future.  Thanks very much to Rick Geimer of Lantana Group for his extensive work on the patched stylesheet (and to his children for putting up with this over the weekend).


  1. One of the major things I'm always missing is l10n in that XSL. After translating about 5 versions I decided to go a different route. I gathered the translated versions in 5 languages, and scraped the label out of there and externalized those into an l10n file. I replaced every occurrence of fixed text with a call to that file and made sure English is fallback. Result is that any person looking at an English document (languageCode) will see what they always saw, and someone looking at a German (de-DE, de-CH) or Dutch (nl-NL, nl-BE) will see it rendered in their native language. It responds to ClinicalDocument.languageCode by default, but it may be fixed to be 1 language.

    While at it I translated most known OIDs, LOINC codes for CDA, HL7 code systems and then some. I added a feature request at GForge, but it does not allow me to upload the XSL which has been in production use for a couple of years now.

    It's fully annotated and updated with the patches submitted in GForge. You may find the work here:

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  3. Is this still the latest CDA stylesheet?

    1. Yes ... but, you probably want to use the work produced externally and submitted to the ONC/HL7 Stylesheet Competition.

  4. Is there a stylesheet for CCRs?