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Monday, June 2, 2014

How do you teach a subject that is changing rapidly?

Two of the classes that I'm taking at OHSU this term are in topic areas where the difference from year to year about what is known is advancing rapidly.  The classes are Consumer Health Informatics, and Healthcare Quality.  This is challenging, a text book that is five years old is already out of date, and numbers from even a year ago may be significantly different.

One of the applicable techniques here is "teaching a person how to fish." and gratefully, both of my instructors are doing that by pointing us where to go find stuff, and which organizations are actively working in the space.

In both places it is fun to see some of what is being taught being influenced by stuff I've been involved in, for example, Blue Button Plus in Consumer Health Informatics, and HQMF in Healthcare Quality.

My advice to students in these areas is the same advice that was given at some point by both my instructors, which is to get involved.  That's the best way to learn what is going on.


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