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Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Tools You Have

The other day I walked my youngest daughter home from school.  I would have ridden save that my eldest forgot to return my car keys (which also have my motorcycle key), and so I had to walk.  This isn't really a big deal, as school is only a mile or so away.  If you Google map the drive, it's either 1.2 or 1.4 miles.  However, if you walk it the way my daughter does, it's only a mile, and coming from school, mostly all downhill.  There's a slightly longer route that takes about 1.1 miles, but is much more level.  She takes that route in sometimes, especially when biking, and the other route home.  When I drive, I have to go one of the longer ways, and the way I take varies by time of day to avoid rush-hour traffic.

This just goes to show how the tools that you have (be it a hammer or a screw driver or a motorcycle or your own feet) influence what you can do easily.  It's something to be aware of when planning your interoperable solutions, especially when a variety of different tools are readily available.


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