Friday, July 25, 2014

IHE PCC Strategic Planning

The IHE Patient Care Coordination Technical Committee met this week to review the public comments received on the work it is doing this season.  I'll write up the details of what we did later.  More importantly the Planning Committee also met to review its strategic road map.

As part of that work, we came up with a revised mission and vision statement for the domain (which appear below) to help us guide the work.

Vision: The vision of Patient Care Coordination is to continually improve patient outcomes through the use of technology connecting across healthcare disciplines and care paths.

Mission: The mission of Patient Care Coordination is to develop and maintain interoperability profiles to support coordination of care for patients where that care crosses providers, patient conditions and health concerns, or time.

We looked at answers the following three questions to then identify key activities for the domain.

 1. What are the leading trends in Health IT and EHR system interoperability that most greatly impact you?

 2. What is the biggest change in thinking that should be applied to the problems of EHR interoperability?

 3. What capability in Interoperability would make you stand up and take notice?

Some of the topics that came up included:

  • Distributed Care Coordination
  • Dynamic Interface Development
  • Updates to QED to support a RESTful transport (using FHIR)
  • Expanding the influence of the Nursing Subcommittee

We are still evaluating the details, and so there is still some chance for you to have input.  Please provide it in comments below.


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