Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We done DID that

Every year the IHE PCC Committee goes through the process of updating its Strategic Plan.  This process involves brainstorming about the directions we could take with new profiles in the domain.  Yesterday during this process I came up with an extension of the idea originating in the IHE Care Management Profile, and further explored in this post.  The idea is to develop a way to perform Dynamic Interface Development (DID); the general concept is that there is a catalog of data elements from which you could choose information that needs to be transmitted in an interface. The catalog would need to be at the right level of granularity, approximately at the level of an IHE Template, a FHIR Resource, or a V3 RIM Class.  To create the interface, one would create a list of the data elements that are needed (these might be expressed as FHIR Query resources for common cases).  Having made the list, it would be fairly easy to automate creation of an interface to send the collection of data expressed in that set of queries.

There's a lot of work needed to get there, and there are a lot of little details between here and there, and some pretty major assumptions to test out over time.



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