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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I think it was a Steve Perry book (The Man Who Never Missed) where I read about some future group develops a science called integratics. For me, it is not about predicting tornadoes from butterflies, but rather how I integrate my informatics classes into my day job, so it becomes a mashup of those two words (Portmanteau is the word for that)

Twice this term I have to write an individual paper which supports a team paper, and so I let my day job influence the topics about which I write.  Both papers will be shared outside of my classroom experience. The first paper, and accompanying presentation was to be on a Healthcare IT Vendor and Product.  I chose Apple and HealthKit for two reasons.  First, because I wanted to learn more about HealthKit than I was able to cover in my initial post.  Secondly because I could get information from Apple that I would not, due to my employment, be able to get from another vendor easily.  That was for my Business of Healthcare class, and you will see it here later this week.

The second paper is for my Organizational Behavior class, where small teams must do a case study on an organization.  I applied some of my HL7 influence last week to request board approval for our team's case study on that organization, which would get the team some inside information to make it easier to do the study.  There's plenty of information publicly available on HL7 already, so even if we were refused (I abstained from voting), we could still do it.  That one will also go to the HL7 Board when we are done with it.

Both papers will help me both in my classes, and professionally.  And by combining my day job with my night classes, I might be able to get more sleep.



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