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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Test mobile interoperability at the IHE Connectathon

Take the lead in mobile interoperability
IHE is focused on incorporating new mobile capabilities into our profiles to advance interoperability, and now is the time to choose these profiles for testing at the IHE North American Connectathon.

The industry is quickly moving toward an anytime/anywhere approach where care providers and individual patients need access to protected health information and lightweight devices that must be interoperable to keep your organization relevant with increasing customer demands.
How will testing IHE mobile profiles advance product development?
Patient Demographics Query for Mobile (PDQm) is the first IHE profile to be compliant with FHIR. PDQm allows mobile devices such as medical devices, web-based EHR/EMR applications and other mobile devices/applications to access patient demographics. Mobile Patient Demographics Query (PDQm) is offered in Connectathon testing.
Mobile Access to Health Document (MHD) Profile enables transportation of medical documents from a mobile device to EHRs or PHRs. MHD is offered in New Directions testing service at the Connectathon.
Why is the inclusion of FHIR (with a RESTful interface option) important to IHE profiles?
FHIR is comprehensive healthcare content and representation standard developed by HL7 that utilizes REST-based transport to enable mobile healthcare applications, medical device integration and creating flexible custom workflows. IHE infrastructure supports FHIR standards as it matures to enable interoperability, offering your customers ways to streamline and improve patient care and drive down bottom line costs.
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