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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Three new IHE PCC Profiles for Connectathon this Year

This cross my stream this morning while on vacation, and I thought it valuable enough to share with others. Thanks to George Cole of Allscripts for getting the word out on these profiles which he edited and contributed greatly to. I especially agree with George on RECON. We updated this profile so that systems which supported "incorporate" in Meaningful Use could readily claim implementation of it. I know that's most of you out there ;-) Keith P.S. I'll be back after vacation finishes (today is the last day).
Hello everyone:

3 relatively new (or improved) profiles from IHE PCC for your consideration:

RECON – new and improved. Very useful for all of us to consider, so I’m hoping to see lots of systems sign up for this Reconciliation of Clinical Content and Care Providers. Your systems probably reconcile medication lists as a part of Meaningful Use, so this profile may be almost a freebie. Additionally, the content specifics for managing item identifiers will be generally useful as the use of document exchange increases.

MCV – Multiple Content Views, allows one CDA document with styleCode values from a catalog of styleCode values to be displayed for different uses; one document with a complete and also a patient view is one scenario that is possible. This may also lead to a more consistent display of content across the community.

ROL – Referral / Order Linking, for handling the roundtrip of referrals and referral responses, with content specifications to facilitate linking all related documents.

These are all new, and therefore run the risk of being dropped without sufficient interest. They are also all of such general usefulness that I really hope all of our products are interested in testing all three.

Please share with others – I know there are many more people that might consider testing these profiles. Maybe some of our famous bloggers might take up this topic to spread the word ;)




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