Monday, October 6, 2014

Life Flow

For the past few weeks I have been rearranging my life so that I could move. As we move into the new house, my family is redesigning our spaces and technology solutions to better fit our life.  The kitchen is not just about making and eating meals, it is about breakfast, lunch and dinner.  So now part of my kitchen is devoted to making the appliances accessible that we ALL use in the morning, from coffee maker to toaster oven to microwave in one part.  While another part of the kitchen is devoted to more intense meal preparation for dinner done by one or two persons at a time.  

My office which used to hold half our books now has over 90% of them.  The internet router, telephone base station, and main printer, which used to be spread throughout the house are all right next to me so that the "hey Honey, why won't the printer print?" (Or wifi connect, or phone dial) question need not be shouted across half the house.  I can watch the smoker outside from my desk. The exercise and entertainment centers can now be used together, synergistically.

There is so much stuff, we are still in the just get it out of boxes, get it to work stage in many places.   We'll rough out the life flow as we do that, and then fine tune it as we find the problems (afte a coffee spill it was noted that we probably want the marble topped sideboard under the coffee pot rather than the oak topped one).  This is real, rational and agile all at the same time.  I wonder if there isn't a lesson to be learned from this for healthcare.  Except that I don't know if most Physicians could live through the kind of chaos that roughing out and testing workflows would require.


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