Thursday, November 13, 2014


As I said last week, I've got a lot going on.  This week I'm at IHE meetings and I'll update you tomorrow on what we did, but I need to take care of something else that's been overdue, also related to what PCC is doing at IHE last week.

Last cycle Patient Care Coordination accepted the Data Access Framework White Paper (DAF) as a work item, and we are proceeding with it further this year.  This couldn't have happened without the contributions of one person in particular.  He was assigned to this task as an ONC Contractor, and like many, had not been deeply involved in IHE before.  But he adapted well to the process, and with a bit of guidance on my part, developed a good deal of the content for the white paper on his own, incorporating into it feedback from the S&I Framework group on DAF.  That white paper was completed early, and went out for two rounds of public comment, and was finally published a couple of weeks ago.

IHE has a lot going on, and this particular white paper involved something like a dozen IHE profiles from two domains (PCC and IT Infrastructure), and quite a bit of complexity to address the various needs for interoperability within, between and across organizations.  Our intrepid author was able to dig into the details of those profiles, and understand a new set of processes for him, and even help us invent new processes in PCC to address the development of the framework.

He'll be joining us again this year to help move the Data Access Framework as a profile, a set of national extensions, and an Implementation Guide (in IHE USA) that will help set forth the standards for interoperability we could be seeing in the near future in this country, and also to explain the IHE framework that has been used internationally for Information exchange.  Without further ado, let me thank the next recipient of the Ad Hoc Harley:

This certifies that  
Nagesh (Dragon) Bashyam of Drager Consulting 

Has hereby been recognized for his contributions to IHE and to Interoperability in the US

Thanks again Dragon, and I look forward to working with you again this year!

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