Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What does that cost?

What if we all picked one day in 2015, any day, so long as it is a normal working day for doctors and said, "on this day, I will ask my doctor about the cost of ____."  I would call this "National Cost of Care Awareness Day," and we would have it on April 1st (thanks Margalit for both suggestions).

And we would promote it widely.  And everyone would call their doctors, and their doctors would say "I don't know" more times in one day than they've ever said perhaps in an entire year.  And maybe we could ask our insurers the same question.

So, I've made the proposal, who will back it?  Who besides me will promote this?  And more importantly, who will do it?



  1. How does tying up the phone at the doctor's office help? It's not their fault that there is no price transparency? How about calling your representative or senator instead - or somebody in a position of power that might be able to do something?

  2. So is the proposition from Anonymous on Nov 28 that we call our government reps to have this become a National Holiday ? LOL
    Seriously though, it is the fault of the doctor that their is no cost transparency. They know what they charge and they know what the copays are for any given carrier/benefit . I am suspecting that Keith was jesting when he implicated that we all call in on the same day. I would think it would be more practical to ask for pricing as you are preparing for a service visit.

  3. I was NOT jesting, I meant it. And NO, my Doctor does NOT KNOW he charges me for a procedure until he gets the EOB from the payer, just like me. He may know what was negotiated at some point, but not when I'm in the room asking, and he hasn't a clue how to find out. It's time they started paying attention to what we pay.