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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

HL7 Process for Filling the Chair-Elect Office

This crossed my desk this morning. Even though it isn't a formal election, I have already submitted the requested papers, and would appreciate your nomination.  I'll catch you up tomorrow on why I still want to be the HL7 chair-elect.


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February 11, 2015

FR:       Stan Huff, Chair, HL7 International
TO:      HL7 International Membership
RE:       Doug Fridsma’s Resignation and Process for Filling the Chair-Elect Office

Dear HL7 Members:

Last week, Doug Fridsma tendered his resignation as HL7’s Chair-Elect. Given his new role as AMIA’s CEO, Doug feels that his resignation will allow for greater collaboration between the two organizations. We appreciate Doug’s contributions to our Board and the HL7 organization during the last several years and respect his decision on this issue. We must now undertake the task of filling the Chair-Elect position.

According to Section 06.02 (Officer Vacancies) of the HL7 Bylaws, officer vacancies, other than HL7 Chair, are to be filled promptly by a vote of the HL7 Board of Directors with the appointee completing the open term of office.  While appointing a replacement is clearly a Board responsibility, the Board understands the importance of this decision to the organization as a whole.  Therefore, the Board is seeking input from the membership regarding candidates who should be considered to fill this vacancy. To gather this input, we have opened a Nominations site on the HL7 website at:
(Access the link directly from the HL7 Homepage under the News & Announcement heading)

During its February 9 call, the Board voted unanimously to use the process outlined below to appoint the Chair-Elect:

·         Nominations shall be accepted online only from February 11-24. Individual members of HL7 International and designated voting representatives of current organizational and Affiliate members are eligible to submit nominations. Nominees must meet officer requirements as outlined in the Section of the HL7 Governance and Operations Manual (GOM) but will not be required to secure 10 nominations. Staff will validate that nominees meet the requirements and are willing to assume the office of Chair-Elect if so appointed.
·         Nominees shall submit the required paperwork (Profile, Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form, Board Commitment Form and Board Nomination Confirmation Form) by February 24. Nominees failing to submit the required paperwork by February 24 shall not be considered. Note: required documents are attached)
·         Because this is not an election, the Nomination Committee shall not be engaged.
·         An Executive Committee call shall be convened on February 25th to review the nominations and to make a recommendation to the Board.
·         The HL7 Board shall convene on March 2nd to vote on the chair-elect appointment, which will be promptly announced to the HL7 membership
·         The newly-appointed chair-elect shall assume office immediately.

The timeline is provided below:

Feb 11-24
Nominations accepted
Feb 24
Deadline for nominees to submit all required forms
Feb 25
EC call to review nominations and recommend candidate for appointment
March 2
Board vote on appointment; announcement to membership
March 2
Newly appointed Chair-Elect assumes office

We appreciate the membership’s input and seek your patience as the Board undertakes this important decision on behalf of the organization. Please feel free to contact me directly should you have questions or concerns.


Stan Huff, MD
Chair, HL7 International

Karen Van Hentenryck
Associate Executive Director
Health Level Seven International
3300 Washtenaw Avenue, Suite 227
Ann Arbor, MI  48104
734-677-7777 x104

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