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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ready, Aim ....

My brain is on FHIR, literally.  Everything I've been doing for since HIMSS started has been about the HL7 FHIR standard, and it's kept me tremendously busy.  Let me work though my list...

I had numerous discussions about FHIR with many people while at HIMSS.  I heard the HL7 sessions were packed, although I didn't try to go to them myself.  I spent most of my time promoting FHIR to various folks and explaining what it is and how they could take advantage of it.  I spent a few minutes talking to Josh Mandel about the SMART technology, and I see how it and FHIR together can shake up an industry.  That was a long overdue conversation, and I'm glad we got to catch up.

After HIMSS I spent a solid week polishing off draft versions of two FHIR-based profiles that I'm editing for IHE PCC.  We just wrapped the public comment edition of one today, and another should be done tomorrow.  Both of these were smaller and simpler to write than any CDA profile I've ever developed.  A third IHE profile is being developed by a team at Allscripts adding FHIR to the RECON profile.  Tomorrow I'll also be helping out a colleague in ITI who is looking for how to profile FHIR operations.  I have a template for that, although these days, I suppose I should say a "FHIR profile".

Before dinner Tuesday evening, I discussed how we plan on teaching the OHSU Standards and Interoperability course next term, and one of the topics we will be beefing up with my help is FHIR. Yes, I did say "we".  I'll be assisting in the instruction, which is a real honor, considering they usually offer that opportunity only to doctoral students.

Thursday I head off to Orlando to give a FHIR workshop.

Later this year I hope to be at FHIR Dev Days to talk about my experiences profiling FHIR with IHE and perhaps even by then, implementing some of those profiles.

Friday at noon eastern, I'll be hosting the #HITsm tweetchat, and the discussion topic is again, FHIR.

The questions for the tweetchat are below:

Q1: Where is #HL7 #FHIR on your hype cycle? Technology Trigger, Peak of Inflated Expectations, or headed to the Trough of Disillusionment?
Q2: When do you think #HL7 #FHIR will reach mainstream use?
Q3: Are you planning on adopting #HL7 #FHIR or #SMART for anything in the near future?
Q4: What do you know about #HL7 #FHIR? Have you gotten any FHIR training or are you considering it in the near future?
 Q5: What’s the best (or worst) #HL7 #FHIR pun you have heard?

Of course, there are a few other things I've been up to as well, and I'll catch you up on some of them later today.


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