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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Interoperability Then and Now

Interoperability is all the rage today, just ask twitter, the federal government, or even your local doctor.  Ten years ago, I often had to explain to people why they needed interoperability, and how to ask for it.  Now everybody is focused on it, but as some have said, I may not want to define it, but I know what it is when I see it.

The needle has swung completely the other way since then. As such needles do, this one is due for an [over-]correction.  Many providers have suggested that we don't need Meaningful Use to tell them what to do. Many patients still say that they cannot get their damned data.  After seven years of waiting, I can finally get my data, but my provider's portal barely provides any sensible presentation.

I like John's idea that we are now at the trough of disillusionment on Interoperability, and I think that it is quite true.  Now that we are paying attention, it seems like we aren't getting yet what we want. The technology might be there, but the workflows aren't, or the two aren't as tightly coupled as they could or perhaps should be.  It will be interesting to look back on this point in time about three years from now to see what we did right, and what we did wrong.


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