Thursday, June 4, 2015


Boone's farm is shaping up this spring.  Quotes are on the way for Solar and the side deck, a dozen or so chicks are in their coop, blueberry netting arrived on the truck today, the first vegetables are planted, rhubarb has already been harvested at least twice, horse inquiries are making some progress, kitty cat #2 has arrived (April), kitty #1 (Ferb) and the rabbit (Nutmeg) have seen their new vet, and a new puppy is next on the list of animals to show up, along with finding someone to do the basement remodeling work.  I've negotiated a brushwacking of the back 40 (actually closer to 0.40) for a case of mead, and have to start restringing (wiring) the fencing this weekend after putting up the blueberry netting.  The smoker has already seen two roasts, and about a dozen chicken legs and wings.

On other fronts, BPMN is heating back up, the HL7 Relevent and Pertinent project was approved last week and is moving forward, C-CDA 2.1 DSTU Update is also moving forward, an IHE materials for Clinical Mapping (CMAP), Guideline Accountable Ordering (GAO), Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and RECON on FHIR are out for public comment, as is the DAF Implementation Guide for document access.

As classes finish up for spring, I'm enrolled in two classes next term.  I'll be helping to teach Interoperability and Standards, and will be looking forward to taking Evidence Based Medicine from my Informatics professor.

It's looking to be a productive summer.  Hopefully I can keep up.


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