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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

27 IHE Profiles recognized by the European Commission

IHE-Europe is proud to share with the IHE International Community that 27 IHE Profiles have been recognized by the EU Commission.  These IHE profiles have the potential to increase interoperability of eHealth services and applications to the benefit of patients and medical community.  The 27 IHE profiles below have been identified as ICT technical specifications eligible for referencing in public procurement:


  1. IHE XCPD: Cross-Community Patient Discovery;
  2. IHE XCA: Cross-Community Access;
  3. IHE XCF: Cross-Community Fetch;
  4. IHE XDR: Cross-Enterprise Document Reliable Interchange;
  5. IHE CT: Consistent Time;
  6. IHE ATNA: Audit Trail and Node Authentication;
  7. IHE BPPC: Basic Patient Privacy Consents;
  8. IHE XUA: Cross-Enterprise User Assertion;
  9. IHE PRE: Pharmacy Prescription;
  10. IHE DIS: Pharmacy Dispense;
  11. IHE XPHR: Exchange of Personal Health Record Content;
  12. IHE XD-MS: Cross-Enterprise Sharing of Medical Summaries Integration Profile;
  13. IHE XD-SD: Cross-Enterprise Sharing of Scanned Documents;
  14. IHE PIX: Patient Identifier Cross-Referencing;
  15. IHE PDQ: Patient Demographics Query;
  16. IHE XDS.b: Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing;
  17. IHE XDS-I.b: Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing for Imaging;
  18. IHE XD-LAB: Laboratory Reports;
  19. IHE XDM: Cross-Enterprise Document Media Interchange;
  20. IHE SVS: Sharing Value Sets;
  21. IHE SWF: Radiology Scheduled Workflow;
  22. IHE SWF.b: Radiology Scheduled Workflow;
  23. IHE PIR: Patient Information Reconciliation;
  24. IHE PAM: Patient Administration Management;
  25. IHE LTW: Laboratory Testing Workflow;
  26. IHE LCSD: Laboratory Code Sets Distribution;
  27. IHE LWA: Laboratory Analytical Workflow.

The full EU Announcement in 25 languages can be found here:

This is major breakthrough and the results of several years of intensive and constructing engagement and collaboration with the leadership of European stakeholders from Ministries, their eHealth Agencies, the EU Commission leadership as well as clinical and industry associations.


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