Friday, August 21, 2015

It's time again...

It's that time again to award the next Ad Hoc Harley. This one goes out to a young fellow who has been very instrumental in developing CDA standards for years.  I've watched him grow from the new kid in town to being a very effective leader in HL7 and elsewhere.

He does a ton of work, is very thorough and organized, and just a general pleasure to work with all around.  He makes sure every voice is heard, and is able to deal with cranky people like me with a great deal of grace.

This particular award goes out to him for his leadership in the development of the C-CDA Release 2.1 DSTU.  When Structured Documents started looking at the backwards compatibility problems (at my urging), he joined in and helped a good deal with our initial analysis.  When we decided that we could, and therefore must do something to improve the backwards compatibility of the C-CDA 2.0 specification, he stepped up to the plate in a very big way.

He convinced his stakeholders to let him lead this effort, and also got them to provide resources to help with the detailed analysis.  His familiarity with Trifolia and the folks who developed it also helped a great deal in the early stages of the C-CDA 2.1 DSTU Update project to get us all going. This DSTU, by the way, was started in a project that was initiated less than 3 months ago.  It was a mission critical problem for Health IT, and is probably the quickest DSTU Update in HL7 history. Quite honestly, the healthcare industry owes this fellow a great deal of thanks for development of the latest edition of the DSTU.  We quite literally couldn't have done this without him.

This certifies that  
Brett Marquard of River Rock Associates

Has hereby been recognized for his contributions towards Meaningful Interoperability using the HL7 CDA Standard

P.S. C-CDA DSTU 2.1 is now available to HL7 Members and will be publicly available to non-members in 90 days (or very likely sooner if formally named in the ONC Certification and Standards Final rule expected in the next couple of months).

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  1. Totally agree, Keith, that Brett deserves the Ad Hoc Harley award! Thanks to both of you.