Thursday, October 22, 2015

OHSU student project on Standards makes it through first gate in IHE

Over the summer I helped to teach BMI 516 Interoperability and Standards class at Oregon Health and Science University with Dr. Judy Logan and Harry Solomon. One of the class projects was to develop an IHE profile proposal, to enable students gain some experience with the sausage standards making process.

Two of these proposals have now been presented to two different IHE domains (this was not part of the student assignment). Harry "sponsored" a proposal on critical findings to the Radiology Domain, and I sponsored the following proposal on Bed Management to the Patient Care Coordination domain.

Personally, I think there's a great deal of value in this proposal. I'm thrilled with the positive response this got within IHE.  I'm also very glad that most of the developers of the proposal were also able to be present when it was proposed (even though the class is over). We'll be voting on moving work forward later today. I have no doubt this will be included in what the technical committee needs to review in a month.

   -- Keith

P.S. I think that if this goes forward, it becomes the BED profile (no acronym).
P.P.S. This was unanimously approved today to go forth for technical committee evaluation.

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  1. Keith, great course project. I look forward to learning more about your course. Best wishes. Mark