Wednesday, November 4, 2015

FHIR Dev Daze

Yep, I did say daze.  As in deer caught in the headlights, glassy eyed, OMG, is that happening to me?  Shortly I'll be about and abuzz on FHIR, on a ten-day whirlwind tour.

In Amsterdam, I'll be at Dev Days, along with Grahame Grieve, Ewout Kramer, Lloyd McKenzie and Josh Mandel -- basically the Who's Who of FHIR.  It's an honor to be there, and I'm glad to have been asked to present.

I'll be talking about some of the work we did last year in IHE using FHIR, some of the challenges we ran into, and some of the solutions we came up with. Included in my discussion will be an overview of:

  • Guideline Appropriate Ordering (GAO) - A profile to support clinical decision support that adds an operation on the Order resource.
  • Clinical Mapping (CMAP) - A fairly straightforward profile of an operation on the ConceptMap resource.
  • Reconciliation on FHIR (RECON) - Adaptation of the RECON profile to support exchange of reconciled lists in FHIR.
  • Mobile Access to Health Documents (MHD) - Essentialy a FHIR-based implementation of XDS (shh... don't tell anyone that, its a secret).
  • Patient Demographics Query for Mobile and Patient Identifier Cross-Referencing for Mobile (mobile in IHE speak is a code-word for FHIR).
  • RESTful Queries in ATNA - Adding a query capability to the ATNA profile.
I'll be building some of this talk from material I'll be using the week before, where I'll be explaining FHIR profiling to IHE profile developers.  The focus of that talk will be more on what you need to know to profile FHIR, and some best practices that we've discovered thus far.

In between the two of these events, I'll be attending the IHE technical committee meeting where I expect we'll be talking about FHIR in Care Planning, and following that, headed off to AMIA, where I expect to hear a number of people buzzing around about FHIR, sort of like moths to a flame.

   -- Keith

Moth and candle image via Ray MacLean


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