Friday, April 8, 2016

A PubMed for HealthIT Standards - A Preview

I'm in meetings today in DC to talk with ONC, who has convened representatives from Health IT Vendors, provider organizations, and SDOs to talk about how to support feedback on standards. About two weeks I was asked to talk briefly about the project.  I went one better and gave a demo.

It took some doing, and the last skeletal pages of my demo came together last night, and were checked in this morning around 4:30am.  It's still really rough, but you can see how it is coming together as a work in progress here.

Please note, this would probably considered a gamma release, not even of beta quality.  I welcome feedback in comments below, and will at some point create a more formal way to provide feedback and comments and hook it in to the site.  Until then, understand, this is something to play with, don't expect it to be up 24-7, or count on it for anything important.  Things may go down for days while I build it out.

Save the bug reports until I get that implemented from the site (so you can report them where they occur), right now I know there's stuff that doesn't work. Think of this as a sprint review, rather than a release.



  1. Great to see it's progressed from theory to reality!

  2. Wonderful!

    Re "gamma" - isn't alpha the name for "not quite beta"?

  3. Dave is correct. A gamma release would be way better than an alpha or a beta.

    Also, the link is broken (gives Apache Tomcat error).

    Also, why send a screenshot of your monitor, not just the browser window? You are on Windows, so using the right option in Snipping Tool is only two clicks away.

    Also, why release on such a long URL? Buying a domain and configuring is $10 and a few minutes away.

  4. Pre-alpha is probably the right label. As for why send a snap of my monitor, my browser was full screen, so I didn't think it was an issue. As for the URL, it costs more than $10 to attach that URL to my currently free account on openshift. Since I'm doing this without any funding, I don't see a big reason to spend more on this than I already have