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Thursday, June 9, 2016

In the Rough

The thing I like about coding is that at its best, it is a fluid way to solve problems.  The best code to work on is the crux of a solution.  The scaffolding is boring.  The shell and outer layers is finish work.  I can do a craftsman-like job on it, but frankly it is boring.  The fun is in figuring out some new way to solve a tough problem, and what I really like to work on is the heart of the problem.

I think the most fun for me is teasing out the solution.  Often I feel as if I can see in my minds eye how the solution is hidden behind or within a rough crystaline structure.  I look at it, pick it up, turn it, shine light on it from different directions, see which way shadows are cast and more.  At some stage, I catch just a wee glimpse at the right angle, and that narrows down some options.

Eventually, I see just enough to know where to put the knife, and cut.  And cut again.  When I started I had only a small clue of the basic shape, but when I finish ...

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