Tuesday, September 6, 2016

FHIR in India

In case you missed me, I've just gotten back from a fifteen-day long trip, where I spent the last eleven days of it in India.  While there I conducted three training sessions on FHIR, one internally at GE offices in Whitefield, Bangalore, one for HL7 India, and a final one for a partner organization in Mumbai.  While in India I gave an overview of FHIR to nearly 200 software developers working in Healthcare.

Image via @msharmas

There's a great desire to learn more about FHIR in India, and I was privileged to be there to spark the fires as it were.  I am grateful to HL7 India who was able to pull together a half-day plus session in Bangalore on short notice.  I expect we'll be doing more together to follow up, as I expect I'll be back later to conduct some advanced sessions.  I'm also trying to get a FHIR Connectathon started in India as well, more on that later as plans come together.



  1. Keith, It was really great learning from your sessions on FHIR !! I too look forward to your future sessions and to continue building on the momentum that you have set for us.

    Thanks manish

  2. Building #FHIR profile for India.
    Corporates, #Startups, Standards Organizations, SME's, Physicians and people with a passion to build a healthy India coming together.

    HL7 India (#HL7IndiaTSC) continues to build momentum.