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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Monitor your "improvements"

Sometime last year, to better manage my blog I thought I would try out Google+ Comments on it.

It turned out to be a disaster on three fronts:
1.  I could no longer delete inappropriate comments.
2.  Comments must have a Google+ account, a restriction I find inappropriate on this blog.
3.  I no longer received e-mails about comments on the blog, which has now put me six months behind answering questions I didn't even know where being posted.

All of that because I failed to monitor the impact of what my "intervention" did.  Don't I know better? Yes, I do.

Year before last I recall an presentation by AMIA by Adam Wright, PhD and fellow alum of OHSU on how changes to clinical decision support system resulted in a failure for certain notifications, and thus be acted upon.  While I cannot find the paper, a related poster is here. One of my favorite classes at OHSU was on how to measure the impact of an intervention quantitatively.

I should have been able to detect the low volume of questions, but didn't.  Fortunately in my case, I just failed to get feedback and had reduced capacity to use my blog.  That situation is now corrected.



  1. Number 1 and 3 are wrong. I delete and report comments all the time. I also get email notifications on all of them

    Totally agree on 3. Don't like at all. Let me know what you do.

    1. I'm assuming you are talking about #2 on the last. AS for your experience, it could be different. My experience was that I tried to remove a comment five different times on three different browsers and it never went away. I also NEVER received e-mails about comments.

      The funniest thing was, after I REMOVED Google+ comments, all of the sudden I got e-mails from G+ about my blog. I'm thinking BUG, and bad enough that I don't care to use G+ comments as a result.

      #2 is enough to keep me away from G+ comments though.