Friday, April 28, 2017

From $450 to 450¢

From $450 to 450¢ is a 99% savings.  That's what I recently found in reviewing my medication costs.

I recently compared prices on a medication a family member is using.  It comes in several dose forms, and strengths.  To keep the math the same, I'll call the strengths 1,2,3,4,6 and 9.  They can be taken in capsule or tablet form (but not in all strengths), or in oral (pediatric) form.  Not all combinations are available from our PBM, but most are.

Here are the approximate prices and sigs for a 90 day supply:

Strength 1 Capsule 6xDay: $13.50
Strength 2 Capsule 3xDay: $4.50
Strength 4 Capsule + Strength 2 Capsule: $17.50
Strength 1 Tablet 6xDay: $561.00
Strength 2 Tablet 3xDay: $422.00
Strength 6 Tablet 1xDay: $445.00

To be very blunt about this: What the FUCK!?

So now I've gone through EVERY prescription in the household, and so far this is the only one that is that whacked out. But like I said, WTF?

   -- Keith

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  1. I have been ranting about this for years. Price ranges at different pharmacies for the same strength by up to an order of magnitude. For example, one drug $39/month at Walgreens, and $15 for a 3 month supply at Costco.