Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Security and Privacy: Where are we headed

So, the new iPhone's are here, along with new security features.  Combine that with this recent bit in my inbox and I have a few predictions.

A study published in Healthcare Informatics Research finds 73 percent of medical professionals have used another staff member's password to access a patient's electronic health record at work, HealthITSecurity reports.

Facial recognition, will be used to solve for this problem.  Patient safety advocates will jump in to take advantage of the technology, which will be followed shortly thereafter by the computer saying, you look tired, are you sure you should be caring for patients …

At some point in time, this will move into the commercial domain (e.g., software developers, others creating IP).  It will expand into eavesdropping protection, which will lead to DOS attacks by small children popping their heads up in the seat behind you while you are trying to get work done on the plane or train or subway.

At some point at an IHE Connecthon, all testing work will stop as we all have to get exceptions to have competitors in the same room with our code, but cannot complete the process with them standing too close. This will lead to an eventual revolt against security and privacy altogether as similar challenges pop up across the business spectrum.

Eventually we will give up altogether on having any sort of privacy or security, and the world will live peacefully together.


P.S. And then the aliens come and wipe us all out because we couldn't even hide from them properly.


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