Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Burning up IHE Profiles with FHIR

QEDm, PIXm and PDQm finished in one day!  I'm ready for the IHE North America Connectathon in record time.  It's a shame I haven't signed up for some of them.

In part, I already had most of this coded, since QEDm and PDQm are really just simple IHE wrappers around existing FHIR resources.  But what really simplified this for me was the HAPI support for translating STU2 FHIR resources into STU3 FHIR resources.  I could rather simply call on my existing code to do the work in STU2, and the translate the results to STU3 using the HAPI FHIR Converter.  Kudos to the HAPI team for making that transition so easy.

The other piece that simplified a great deal of this is that I only needed to code up one resource for QEDm, and then write the code generator.  After that, the remaining QEDm resources were quite simple.  And then I realized I could use the same code for PDQm, which grabbed me another profile quite unexpectedly.

Not to be outdone, I decided I'd add a little extra work in and do the work for PDQm.

I might have to take the extra time I'd allocated myself for this task and toss of MHD as well, but I think I'll focus some attention on integrating CQL first.  That could take a solid week, but I promised myself a good scotch if I could get it done in two days.



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