Monday, February 12, 2018

Mapping from a FHIR Composition to an XDS DocumentEntry

Rene Spronk asked this one on one of the HL7 lists ... basically the question is what is the mapping from XDSDocumentEntry to Composition.  I give the mapping backwards, how do you produce an XDS DocumentEntry from a composition, rather than forwards, but it can be used in either direction.

XDSDocumentEntry Composition ClinicalDocument
formatCode   (meta.profile) ClinicalDocument.templateId
uniqueId    (meta.versionId)
languageCode   (language) ClinicalDocument.languageCode
    identifier .setId
    status n/a
classCode (mapped from type), typeCode     type .code
    class n/a
patientId, sourcePatientId, sourcePatientInfo     subject .recordTarget
healthcareFacilityType, practiceSettingCode
via reference to encounter/location/physicalType and encounter/location/type
    encounter .componentOf.encompassingEncounter
creationTime      date .effectiveTime
authorInstitution, authorSpecialty, authorPerson, authorRole
via reference to author resource
    author .author.assignedAuthor
title      title .title
confidentialityCode      confidentiality .confidentialityCode
    attester .authenticator/.legalAuthenticator
        mode implied by .authenticator/.legalAuthenticator
        time .authenticator.time
legalAuthenticator          party .authenticator.assignedEnttty
    custodian .custodian.assignedCustodian
    relatesTo .relatedDocument
parentDocumentRelationship          code .relatedDocument.typeCode
parentDocumentId          target[x]
    event .documentationOf.serviceEvent
eventCodeList          code .code
        period .effectiveTime
serviceStartTime             low
serviceStopTime             high


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