Wednesday, October 10, 2018

HAPI FHIR BDD Testing using Serenity and RESTAssured for DSTU2

One of the challenges I've had with using Serenity and REST Assured for testing with the HAPI Server is related to the Content-Type header used with STU2 implementations.

In STU2, that content type is application/xml+fhir and application/json+fhir respectively.
In STU3 and after, these changed to application/fhir+xml and application/fhir+json.
This is discussed in more detail in HAPI FHIR Issue 445.

I finally figured out (I think) where to make the changes to address this in Serenity to handle appropriate reporting.  The key challenge is that I wasn't able to track down the content body of requests in error (or even those that were successful).  That detail can be found in Serenity-core Issue 448.

Unfortunately, what this requires is a hack around the given() method in which one intercepts the given() call, gets the response back, checks to see if it is of an appropriate type, and changes the RestResponseHelper method to appropriately format the response body (an exercise left to the reader).

I'm testing this now (because I have nothing better to do at 3 am).



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