Wednesday, September 18, 2019

One more time ...

It's a Wednesday morning in mid-September, and those of us at the HL7 Working Group meeting will shortly be hearing from Ed Hammond and some will be awarded vases in Duke Blue, and so that means it's also time for me to award the next Ad Hoc Harley.

This next awardee is someone I'd best describe as a passionate lifetime student.  I first met this person while I was chair of the IHE Patient Care Coordination workgroup in IHE and they were just learning CDA.  I love to teach, and they absorbed just about everything I could teach and then sought out more. 

It didn't take long before the two of us could spend an hour of committee time discussing the exact way in which some small piece of CDA could be modeled so that it was just right, and the semantics meant exactly what they should.  A very strong leader, we were sure to clash on some topics, but always with mutual respect and retaining friendship even when we disagreed.  Health IT is better for those sorts of interactions, something not everyone appreciates (but I do, and so do they).

Before too long they had become CDA Certified, led a workgroup developing multiple CDA specifications and an author/editor of as many CDA implementation guides as I had.  They've been deeply involved in specifications for long term care, quality measurement, first in CDA and later in FHIR.  Most recently they've been leading terminology efforts with a team developing specifications that will aid the under served by enabling the capture of Social Determinants of Health in the HL7 Gravity Project.

I look forward to continuing to work with her, and learning what she has to teach me in this space myself as I award the next Ad Hoc Harley to ...

Lisa Nelson, BA, MBA, MMI of MaxMD

for being a lifetime student and a teacher of leaders...


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  2. Congratulations to Lisa, a most worthy recipient!