Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Leading the Ride at MITRE is the first FHIR Lord

There's the people that do the work, and then there's the people who make doing the work possible.  Sometimes that means going out and blazing the trail, and at other times, that means giving the team the needed bulldozers so that they can just mow it down themselves.  Dr. Mark Kramer of MITRE is just that kind of person.

Mark is one of those rare technical leads who retains his technical acumen even after being promoted to two orders of magnitude greater responsibility.  In fact, if there's anything that's the opposite of the Peter Principle, it's what I'm going to start calling the Mark Principle, which is that there are some people which really can do it all more than competently.

Mark's been involved in many technical projects which perhaps should have earned him an Ad Hoc Harley long before, including hData, CQL, Synthea, and is leader behind Sushi which recently earned one of his teams the Ad Hoc Bike Week, and the lead contributor to that project also earned a Serious Chrome upgrade to a prior Ad Hoc Harley

That should tell you something about the quality of work that Mitre and Mark's teams do.  In fact, Mitre is one of only two organizations* that can claim more than one honoree among Ad Hoc awardees.

Mark now joins a very elite club, as the 2019 inductee to the Ladies and Lords of the Ad Hoc Harley.  In fact, with his accomplishments and this award, he's the first person who could accurately claim to be a FHIR Lord.

Mark Kramer

Semper et semper ascendens deinceps
(ever and ever riding forward)


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