Recommended Health IT Titles

Of course this would be the first book here.  It's the only one I've written cover to cover. If you do CDA, this is a good book to have.

I wrote chapter 15 on Healthcare IT standards for this one.  I didn't do the update for the forthcoming fourth edition because I didn't have the time.

For this, I wrote the chapter on mHealth IT Standards (go figure).  I like this book, it contains some good material from a number of folks I know in this space.

I love Fred's writing, and it's been far too long since I've read this one.  I'm going to reread it.

The 1st edition was good, the 2nd edition includes FHIR.  Grahame is the creator of FHIR, so you won't find more authoritative content.

Mike works a lot in V2, including teaching the HL7 V2 certification classes.  Definitely an authoritative reference.

The section editors and contributors to this book read like a Who's who of Health IT.  I haven't read this one (YET), but I KNOW there's good work in here. I wrote the chapter on Visual Basic for this one, it was my first contribution to a book.  There's no reason anyone should need this book today, but just in case you do, you can still get a copy on Amazon! (It's probably used).

Books I've Reviewed
I read this after it appears prominently in a Sunday sermon. Whether you need convince a client, a colleague, or a CEO, this is simply a book worth reading.

This showed up at home from a manager's manager, which basically made it required reading.  Even so, I liked it. When I needed to refresh my HTML skills, this book allowed me to up my game.  A good reference guide.
While I wrote a somewhat lackluster review, it's still a worthwhile book with good content.  Just not the kind of book I need.  Your mileage may vary. Karen Bartlson is the past president of the IEEE society.  When I reviewed this book, I said  there has to be something in there that I can disagree with... but I haven't found it yet.

Clayton Christensen may be ancient history for some of you, but I definitely liked this one.
An interesting book that came out around the time that Dashle was being considered as secretary for HHS, and would have been worth reading for that reason.  His nomination failed, and the book has some interesting ideas, but nothing really strong for me to recommend it given that failure.