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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

IHE PCC Planning Committee moves 5 Profile Proposals to next stage

Monday and Tuesday the IHE Patient Care Coordination planning met to discuss and review nine profile proposals previously reported on here.  The final set of profile proposals that we chose to move forward include the following:

  1. Post Partum Visit Summary  -- Adding data elements from the Labor and Delivery Report and Maternal Discharge summary, and additional progress information into a report to be produced at the last post-partum visit.
  2. Newborn Discharge Summary -- Focused on routine newborn discharge and including XDS-MS Discharge Summary data elements plus data elememnts found in the labor and delivery report.
  3. Perinatal Workflow -- Completing the Antepartum Record and Labor and Delivery Record and integrating these and other IHE Profiles into a complete workflow for the perinatal continuum of care.
  4. Chronic Care Coordination -- Using care plans from existing IHE profiles, and a few additional messages to communicate the care plan for a patient with chronic disease, and to obtain acknowledgment of the need for services from participating providers and updates on progress on the care plan.
  5. Nursing Summary -- Working with HL7 detailed clinical models, existing IHE work, and adding input from perioperative nursing on the patient plan of care to produce a nursing summary suitable for transfers of care.
One profile proposal was withdrawn (the one for document templates), because HL7 had decided to engage in standarization in that area, and we agreed that we should let that work proceed.  We will follow and participate in that work in HL7 and if need be, take up the question again in a future planning cycle.  Three of the nursing profiles were merged into the Nursing Summary, and the Workflow and LDR/APR completion were merged into the Perinatal workflow proposal.  We reached a consensus on the slate of the proposals without needing to vote for winners and losers, and the task will be continued by the technical committee in early November.  For some of these proposals we even think it may be possible to hold public comment sometime in February.

In the other room, the IHE Quality, Public Health and Research planning committee met also to review profile proposals that they had recieved.  The success we had at the PHIN conference in developing several profile proposals for public health almost overwhelmed the committee.  However, they managed to collaborate and found ways that each of these "public health" proposals could also help constituencies in research and quality.  As a result, they too reached a consensus, and all three of the profile proposals that were developed during the seminar at the PHIN conference moved forward in some way.


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