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Friday, July 16, 2010

How to use HITSP C32 Version 2.5 for Meaningful Use

David Tao asks an excellent question:

Keith, re C32 v2.5, it points to HITSP C83 and C80. I THINK that v2.0 of those documents (published January 2010) is appropriate to use, but the FR is not specific about that, and I know that some people assume that C83/C80 v1.1 (published July 2009) are the appropriate versions. I hope NIST will clarify this soon, but do you have a recommendation and have you had any conversations with ONC or NIST about that?




I KNOW that those are the appropriate documents to use.  Those are the specifications that support meaningful use with C32.  If you tried to use the meaningful use vocabularies with earlier versions, you'd be in trouble because those versions don't support it.  The C83 Version 2.0 specification was written after the interim final rule was published and modified accordingly to support it.