Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And the next Ad Hoc Motorcycle Guy Harley Award goes to...

About the award
The rules of who gets the Ad Hoc Motorcycle Guy Harley award are completely arbitrary. There is no nominating committee, although nominees are always welcome. The bar to recognition is fairly high if the first and now second recipients are any evidence.  I hope to maintain the quality of recipients in subsequent awards. I wont' award more than one a year for the same type of industry service, and I expect to award no more than five a year.

This next awardee must have been either a school teacher or a librarian in a former life.  She wades tirelessly through mounds of paper making sense of it in amazing infographics.  She's plowed through at least the equivalent of a carton of paper making sense of specifications from numerous SDOs, most recently turning her attention to the Meaningful Use Regulation.

This certifies that
Robin Raiford of Eclipsys


Has hereby been recognized for outstanding contributions to the forwarding of Healthcare Standardization

Robin, congratulations and thank you for all your many years of service making it easier to understand mounds of paper.  You should also get an award for paper conservation, but that's not my arena.  My thanks also goes to Robin's employer, Eclipsys, who kindly makes her time available to do this work.


Why is Robin getting this award? If you've seen any of her bookmarked copies of the MU rules, or any of the previously released  HITSP cross-reference matrices, you'll get it.  Here are some links to her latest work posted by John Halamka and also distributed to the EHRA today.
As Robin said about these in her last e-mail:
Please feel free to distribute widely on every blog, list, web whatever to get this info out there so we are all not doing the same thing – getting to the bottom of what we need in “the system shall” statements. I also redid the 2 page MU quick facts with a watermark “for informational purposes only”. Post away so some consultant does not get rich doing this.
BTW:  Given that my first post on the MU standards is still gettting about 40 hits a day even a two weeks later, I'm posting a link to this page there.

January 16, 2011
She's at it again. Here are the bookmarked final rules from 2010 and January 2011 which are available in Google Docs for viewing or download


  1. Well deserved, Robin! Congratulations!

  2. These cross-reference matrices are gold! gold! Work that I was just about to sit down and re-discover. Those charts are one of the very few things I have taped to my wall. Outstanding work Ms. Raiford. And thank you, Keith, for recognizing it.

  3. Robin Raiford passed away yesterday in her home. For those of us who knew her, we are saddened by her death, and will miss both her humor, and her ability to simplify complex information into readily understood two dimensional tables.

  4. So sad that Robin passed. I am so sorry for her friends and family. Robin was a great inspiration for me. Robin was an EHR evangelist and believed so deeply in our cause. She did a keynote for me at Columbia and had the room in tears as she explained what meaningful use means to her. Its not about the computers - its about the people. She said we need to "stop whining and get it done". As her license plate said - EHRs for All. - Virginia Lorenzi