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Thursday, October 21, 2010

IHE PCC Planning Meeting Results

This week about 20 people met in Oakbrook, Illinois for the IHE PCC planning meeting.  The purpose of this meeting was to select the profile proposals that we would send to the technical committee for further review.

We moved forward two different profile proposals, which are described in somewhat more detail below:
  1. Reconciliation
    This proposal morphed from a Nursing Admission Assessment Reconciliation profile designed to support reconciliation of nursing diagnosis into a framework for reconciliation that would eventually support reconciliation of problems, medications, allergies, family and social history, immunizations, et cetera.  We will focus only on problems in the first year, but the framework will be laid to support more complex requirements in subsequent years. 
  2. Interfacility Transport
    This is a proposal to develop a profile to support the requirements for transport of a patient from one facility to another (e.g., from a hospital to a tertiary care facility).  There are certainly overlaps with the ETC profile, and it is not clear how much of this proposal is workflow rather than content oriented.
There are two other work items that we will also take on this year:  Completion of the Postpartum Visit Profile, and a change to the Patient Plan of Care Profile to add some vocabulary constraints in support of nursing diagnoses.

Other discussions we had jointly with QRPH involved how we establish governance and processes for the creation of templates, specialization of them, and refactoring of them, and to develop requirements around the infrastructure that we need to manage them.  I encouraged the committees to bring this discussion up to the Domain Coordination Committee.  I also pointed out that HL7 has a  templates registry pilot that I'm woefully behind on (the book takes precedence right now), and the ONC S&I framework also has funded Stanley to develop tools that include a repository (and registry) of standards, and that we should try to collaborate on these efforts.

I also encourage IHE to consider how we might take advantage of the work Dave Carleson has done on CDA Tools

It was a very productive two days, and I now return to my old stomping grounds in Pennsylvania for a two day conference on meaningful use.  I'll actually be speaking on Friday morning instead of Thursday so I had to rearrange a few things because I had the dates mixed up.  I'm looking forward to being home this weekend so that I can finish painting my daughters bedroom and spend some time writing the CDA Book.  I've got about ten days before I have to have the draft to the publisher.


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