Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The next Ad Hoc Motorcycle Guy Harley Award ...

About the award
Wednesday morning at HL7 is the day that we recognize contributions from the HL7 community through the Ed Hammond Awards.  If Ed can do it, I figured that I could to.  It might have started as a lark, but I really mean it.  The rules of who gets the Ad Hoc Motorcycle Guy Harley award are completely arbitrary. There is no nominating committee, although nominees are always welcome. The bar to recognition is fairly high if the first, second, third and now the fourth recipients are any evidence.  I hope to maintain the quality of recipients in subsequent awards. I won't award more than one a year for the same type of industry service, and I expect to award no more than five a year.

Given activities at HL7 this week, I too am giving out an award this morning.  This next awardee is has built a tool that I've been seeing more and more of lately in HL7 meetings.  It first came to my attention a little over a year ago when one of my colleagues pointed me to it as a good place to find documentation about CCD, IHE, and HITSP specifications ALL IN ONE PLACE.  Since then the tool has gone on to be used to develop an HL7 CDA based Implementation guide.  You heard about this tool in yesterday's post.

This certifies that
Dave Carlson of the VA

Has hereby been recognized for outstanding contributions to the forwarding of Healthcare Standardization

Dave, congratulations and thank you for leading the efforts on development of CDA Tools and the Model Driven Health Tools.  One of the things that I think you will soon learn if you haven't already is that the reward for a job well done is another job.  For the work that you have done on this project, you deserve at least a much bigger computer display and a lot more help.


  1. In all seriousness, congrats to Dave and to Keith for thinking this up.

    Less seriously, Keith aren't you afraid that giving Dave a motorcycle will distract him from his good work? It's hard to code and drive a bike.

  2. I too think Dave Carlson's contribution is very worthy of the award. The focus on tooling is commendable.

    I've referenced his CDA tools as a possible aid to tackling my Global HL7 CDA Challenge.

  3. I agree that Dave Carlson's significant addition was appropriate of the award.